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  • Facharbeit-Anglistik-Die Amischen.pdfAls Nation der Einwanderer deklariert, sind die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika ein Schmelztiegel der Kulturen. Im Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten haben sich während der letzten Jahrhunderte die verschiedensten Kulturkreise zu einem Volk vereint, das jetzt von den unterschiedlichsten Lebensweisen geprägt ist. Seit Beginn des 17. Jahrhunderts haben ca. 47 Millionen Europäer eine neue Heimat in der „Neuen Welt“ gefunden. Sie alle wurden der Theorie ...260 K
  • Handout Anglistik How to lie with statistics.pdf3.5 M
  • Hausarbeit: Jack Kerouac: On the Road - Structure and StyleIn this quotation by Allan Ginsberg the attitude of the critics on the beat generation comes to the surface. The new style of writing, especially Kerouacs’ essentials of spontaneous prose was not accepted as a true art of writing. But what is this style of writing? Which elements does it consist of, and what makes it so controversial for the critics? These and more questions have to be answered in the following ...135 K
  • Hausarbeit: Elative: Versuch einer Definition unter Berücksichtigung historisch gewachsener Ausdrucksweisen und des Bezuges zur GegenwartDer Held in Patrick Süskinds Roman „Das Parfüm“, mit den bekannten menschlichen Sinnesqualitäten ausgestattet , beweist, bei der Geschmacks- bzw. Geruchswahrnehmung fast übermenschliche Fähigkeiten. Die Elative lassen sich bezogen auf den menschlichen Ausdruckswillen in ihrer Treffsicherheit mit der geruchlichen Selektionsfähigkeit des ...169 K
  • Hausarbeit-Anglistik-American-History-X.pdf“American History X” is a profound and stirring drama about the consequences of racism as a family is torn apart by hate. A graphic examination of extremism in America, the film follows one man’s struggle to reform himself and save his brother after living a life consumer by violence and bigotry. Written by David McKenna and directed by Tony Kaye, American History X is produced by John Morrissey and not based on a book ...50 K
  • Hausarbeit-Anglistik-Back to God.pdfOn a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea Lily Briscoe has gathered together some people from all over the world for dinner to share their experience and visions with her. Except her, three other men and one woman sit on the table. On the left side we find the Whiskey priest and a father. Marlow and Miss Adela Quested take the right side. Lily herself sits at the top of the dinner table. The atmosphere ...103 K
  • Betrachtung der Darstellung des Unheimlichen bzw. Phantastischen bei H. P. Lovecraft anhand seiner beiden Kurzgeschichten - The Alchemist und The TombZu seinen Lebzeiten war das schriftstellerische Werk H. P. Lovecrafts wohl nur einem kleinen Kreis von Personen bekannt, der sich hauptsächlich aus seinen Freunden und den Lesern der amerikanischen Zeitschrift Weird Tales zusammensetzte. Erst nach seinem Tode wurde er von einer breiteren Öffentlichkeit wiederentdeckt und wird nun - neben Edgar Allen Poe und Ambrose Bierce - als einer der ...175 K
  • Hausarbeit: Change through Exchange - The Effects of Student Exchange on Students' AttitudesThe fifty years since World War II could well be named the Period of International Exchange. Exchange programs of all kinds have sprung up in every part of the world and between all parts of the world. Teenagers from France go to school in Brazil, American college juniors spend a year in Italy, and British professors lecture in Japan. The programs are not limited to ...205 K
  • Hausarbeit: Charlotte Perkins GilmanCharlotte Perkins Gilman was one of the most read female authors of her lifetime. Nevertheless, her pieces caused highly controversal debates among those who were not yet ready to put the women’s traditional role into question. Constantly suffering from the stigma of being born as supposed ‘secondary creature’ Gilman dedicated her life to the ‘woman question’, which in these times belonged to the burning topics to both feminists and antifeminists (the latter, of course, were in the majority). Even though, real emancipation was still in its infancy. While virtues of monogamy and family were...178 K
  • Hausarbeit: Dialekt Cockney Cockney ist von der Anzahl seiner Sprecher her und aufgrund der Bedeutung seines Verbreitungsgebietes, der Hauptstadt, nicht nur der bedeutendste Dialekt in England, er ist auch im Land selbst und über seine Grenzen hinaus der bekannteste Dialekt. Cockney ist eine Varietät des heutigen Englisch252 K
  • Hausarbeit: Das altenglische „Sturmrätsel“ des ExeterbuchesDie Frage, die sich bei einer Beschäftigung mit den vorliegenden 104 Zeilen altenglischer Rätselliteratur stellt und die von Herausgebern zahlreicher Bücher über das Exeterbuch jeweils unterschiedlich beantwortet wurde ist, ob es sich um drei ...169 K
  • Zulassungsarbeit: Das mentale Lexikon bilingualer KinderDer Mensch ist wahrscheinlich das einzige Lebewesen, das sich durch das Medium der Sprache seinen Artgenossen mitteilen kann. Die Sprache ist ein System unterschiedlicher Laute, die sich nach bestimmten mehr oder weniger komplizierten Regeln ...345 K
  • Hausarbeit-Anglistik-Eudora Welty Circe.pdfDie Kurzgeschichte „Circe“ von Eudora Welty erschien erstmals im Herbst 1949 unter dem Titel „Put Me in the Sky“. 1955 erschien sie dann leicht verändert in der Sammlung „The Bride of the Innisfallen“ als „Circe“. (Pingatore: 1996: 368) Die eigentliche Grundlage der Kurzgeschichte ist unverkennbar Homers „Odyssee“. Eudora Welty stellt die Geschichte aus der Sicht ...150 K
  • Hausarbeit: Features of bilingual speech - interference, borrowing, code-switchingCharacteristics of bilingual speech have been of special interest for some decades now: Researchers hope to discover how language processing actually takes place, how bilinguals mentally organize their languages, and in which manner the two codes interact. In the early 1960s, behaviourists and linguists established ...265 K
  • Films in the Language Classroom: The Name of the RoseOne essential aspect that made me select Jean-Jacques Annaud’s The name of the Rose - the film version of Umberto Eco’s novel of the same name - are surely its various topics and possibillities that can be exploited by using it as ...291 K
  • Hausarbeit: From Westminster to Holyrood. The New Scottish Parliament.In the winter term 1997/98 I attended a seminar held by Frau Rosenberg PhD with the title "The crisis of British identity". It was then when I started to investigate the variations of identities that exist in the United Kingdom. From the very beginning I felt attracted to the strong Scottish identity and became very interested in the process of devolution. The course ...1.7 M
  • Hausarbeit: „La vita più intensa“: Italo Svevos La Coscienza di ZenoDie Frage nach der Rolle der Psychoanalyse und damit auch nach der Rolle der Krankheit in Italo Svevos 1923 erschienenem Roman La Coscienza di Zeno ist unzählige Male gestellt, auf die eine oder andere Weise beantwortet und erneut gestellt worden. Unbestritten ist, daß der Roman ...210 K
  • Hausarbeit: Lady Macbeth – A “Fiend-Like Queen?”The figure of Lady Macbeth has always been of great interest, and each of the numerous interpretations cast light on her from a different point of view. She is often dismissed as a “fiend-like queen“, regarded as Macbeth’s temptress and spur to his crimes: Being obsessed by her ambition, she urges ...196 K
  • Hausarbeit: Language oriented or message oriented approach is useful in English teachingEnglish as a world language plays a big part in our every day life. Due to new professions which are developing in a very short time these days and due to the trade relations with countries in East and West, the ability to speak foreign languages, especially English has become a basic skill. It is not only the field of trade relations or economy ...161 K
  • Hausarbeit-Anglistik-Lily Briscoes Life A Dedication to Mrs Ramsay.pdfA lot of essays on Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse have already dealt with the relationship between Lily Briscoe and Mrs. Ramsay. These two characters generally control the novel’s action. But what is it that makes this human relation so special, so remarkable? This essay is in particular concerned with Lily’s point of view. She achieves Mrs. Ramsay’s - at least mental ...124 K
  • Hausarbeit-Anglistik-Motherhood in Frances Hodgson Burnetts The Secret Garden.pdfFrances Hodgson Burnett´s The Secret Garden is "generally held to be her most accomplished and lasting work." Since it is a book written for children a few questions are coming to mind: What could be the reason for the enduring success of the book and how does its plot relate to contemporary concepts of childhood as well as motherhood? In the following I am going to try and give a short presentation on the three aspects in question. In doing so it seems ...143 K
  • Shakespeare and the Master-Mistress - An Analysis and Interpretation of Sonnet 20 with special regard to its homoerotic contentThe homoeroticism expressed in Shakespeare´s sonnets has been hotly discussed for over 200 years. Shakespeare, British national hero, god of drama, father of eight children, symbol of "high culture" - a homosexual? Sonnet 20 plays a central ...162 K
  • Hausarbeit-Anglistik-Shakespeare als uebersetztes Phaenomen.pdfLiest man in Deutschland etwas von Shakespeare, jenem englischen Literaten, der die deutsche Literatur seit mehreren Jahrhunderten beschäftigt, greift man auf eine der vielen Übersetzungen zurück. Bei weit über 50 liegt die Zahl derer, die sich bereits an einem oder mehreren seiner Werke versucht haben, mit mehr oder weniger Erfolg. Unter ihnen waren Goethe und Schiller, Erich Fried, Fachleute, Laien und Lyriker. Besonders skurril mutet aber der Gedanke an Karl Kraus als Übersetzer Shakespeares ...122 K
  • Hausarbeit: The Meaning of the Duke in Shakespeare’s Measure for MeasureThese quotations highlight the gulf between critics concerned with the Duke. The figure of Duke Vincentio, favourably seen as "a man of all temperance" by Escalus, apparently provokes extreme reactions: some critics tend to regard him as the initiator ...209 K
  • Hausarbeit: Utopia and Francis Bacon: The New Atlantis. Views and VisionsIn the 16th century, Thomas More conceived of Utopia, an imaginary and ideal country which presents his idea of a ‘communist-like’ democracy where private property was abolished, and all things were shared by everyone. His work, published in 1516, has often been considered ...180 K
  • Hausarbeit: Der Erste Kreuzzug - Erfolg oder Mißerfolg?Auf die Frage, ob der erste Kreuzzug ein erfolgreiches Unternehmen gewesen war, wird meist wie selbstverständlich bejahend geantwortet. Bedeutende Kreuzzugsforscher bewerteten das von Urban II. ausgelöste Unternehmen als Triumph der abendländischen Ritterschaft über die zerstrittenen Araber. Während S. Runcimans schlicht dokumentiert: „Das Ziel war erreicht. Jerusalem war der Christenheit zurückgegeben.“ hatten nach H. E. Mayers Meinung die Kreuzfahrer „eine großartige Leistung vollbracht.“ Obwohl dies nur zwei Beispiele sind, ...143 K
  • Hausarbeit: Die Rolle der Frau bei den GermanenWenn jemand wie Tacitus, ein römischer Staatsbürger, also Mitglied einer von Männern geprägten Gesellschaft, ein ethnographisches Werk über ein ebenso männlich dominiertes Volk wie die Germanen schreibt, welche Stellung wird dann die Frau in seinem Text einnehmen? Wird jener Konsul und Anhänger der alten Republik, der behauptete sine ira et studio zu schreiben, das Bild der Germanin ...133 K
  • Hausarbeit Anglistik Characteristics of the Chinese culture.pdfReferring to the most important cultural dimensions, this essay tries to give an overview of some basic characteristics of the Chinese culture. In the first section, the extension of the most important cultural dimensions in China and their effect on cross-cultural business will be analyzed. The second section will summarize the result of this analysis and will give a brief conclusion. It must be noted that when one deals with Chinese culture it is most probably with the Han culture, the dominant ethnic group in China. 93 percent of the Chinese ...91 K
  • Hausarbeit Anglistik Female portraits in Australian short stories.pdfSince the beginning of our century, Australian short story writers have extrapolated a broad spectrum of social topics. Significantly, most of them depict the fate of ‘outsiders’ like children, females and foreigners. In the centre of my interest stands the question in what specific way they have fictionalized women’s role. Do they perpetuate rather stereotypical views on the members of the ‘other sex’ or do they prefer to portray them as human individuals by drawing away the reader’s attention from alleged ‘womanish’ attributes? 200 K
  • Hausarbeit Anglistik Introduction to Commonwealth studies through film.pdfThis paper deals with E. M. Forster’s novel “A Passage to India” and with its filming by David Lean. I am examining imperialism and racism as topics in the story. I would like to show in which ways these two terms influence the major characters and relationships between these characters in Forster’s work. The analysis will mainly refer to the contents of the film. I am starting with a little background information about ...187 K
  • Hausarbeit Anglistik Movement against Official English.pdfWhen it comes to the question of languages in the U.S. one hears a lot about Official English, English Only Legislation and U.S. English - the main sponsor of this movement. Hearing and reading about that I thought that there has to be the other side of the coin, that there has to be a movement against Official English , a movement defending language maintanence. That is going to be the topic of this paper. For a special interest in the Spanish language I will focus on the Hispanic fight ...173 K
  • Hausarbeit Anglistik Organizational Development.pdfThe need for organisations to change is far more clearly recognised now than a few years ago when the question “Why change?” was paramount. Few people nowadays would argue with the premiss “change or die” (Clarke, 1994, Page 1). In the century of globalisation competition is getting harder. Organisations have to adapt otherwise the former premiss is prove to be true. But are organisations able to change themselves? No, they need help from people inside or outside the organisation who force the change. These people are called change agents. The question is whether change agents have to come from outside the organisation or not. “Moving organisations from current ...126 K
  • Hausarbeit Anglistik Race Relations in Slave on the block .pdfThe aim of my research paper is to analyse the race relations in “Slave on the Block“, a short story by Langston Hughes, and to illuminate the self-awareness of Afro-Americans at that time, a topic that is touched in the short story as well. In order to be able to understand the race relations ...126 K
  • Hausarbeit Anglistik Views of love in William Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet.pdfWilliam Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has the “high profile as the love-tragedy everybody knows”. Although it is regarded as the ideal of romantic love there are many other (quite unromantic) views represented in the play, too. In this term paper I will try to give a survey of the different views of love in Romeo and Juliet. First of all there are Romeo and Juliet, the “star-cross’d lovers” (Prologue) who “establish a quality of love, of life intensively lived, that becomes its own value”. Apart from these two main characters and their view of love there are in general five other attitudes towards love: to the servants of the house of Capulet, the Nurse and Mercutio love means nothing else than sex, to Romeo’s friend ...150 K
  • Strukturanalyse von George Bernard Shaws ”Pygmalion”George Bernard Shaw wurde 1856 in Irland geboren. Nach einer wilden Jugend kam er 1876 nach London. Mit sich brachte er eine spärliche Ausbildung, einige musikalische Handgriffe und einen überdurchschnittlich großen Drang nach Wissen. Seine Mutter, die die Ehe mit Georges Vater, einem Alkoholiker, für unmöglich hielt, unterrichtete dort Musik und unterstützte damit den ...159 K
  • Hausarbeit: Conceptual Storage in Bilinguals and its Effects on CreativityThe effects of bilingualism on intelligence and, more generally, cognitive abilities in bilinguals have always attracted the attention of scholars. After most people had considered bilingualism an obstacle in cognitive processing, a ‘neutral period’ followed in which bilingualism lost some of its negative connotations. Since the 1960s, however, scholars have been accumulating a vast ...209 K
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